In addition to iPhone 7 Plus: Apple iPhone 8 gets bigger than we thought

We’ve been looking forward to launching the Apple iPhone 8 for months. We’re already thinking about everything, but the techie knows how to surprise us with a broken piece of code.

Discoveries in Code HomePod

It keeps wondering how often the iPhone 8 continues to leak. In the meanwhile, at WANT, you have already been able to admire dozens of leaked photos, renders and alleged specifications of the unannounced smartphone.

Can a leak still surprise us? Hell yes. Earlier this week, Apple accidentally placed early HomePod software on the Internet, a smart speaker.

Useful developers are instantly dumped, with results. For example, an official image of the iPhone 8 has been dropped, as well as a confirmation that the device uses face recognition.

Apple iPhone 8 gets bigger screen than expected

We can add a third striking discovery to that row. It seems that the iPhone 8 gets a bigger screen than expected. Rumors appear on a 5.8-inch screen with the same aspect ratio as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

The complete device is then expected to match the iPhone 7 dimensions. However, pieces of code from the HomePod’s proprietary firmware seem to counter that information. The software refers to a device with a 3x Retina screen with a resolution of 1125 x 2436.

That’s what the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported in February. This is the case with the iPhone 8. What is so noticeable is what follows: a piece of code that refers to the same device but with a screen size of 6.5 inches. Does the new iPhone still have a 6.5-inch screen?

That sounds gigantic, but in practice it’s all right. With such a screen size, the iPhone 8 is similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. That’s good, but not much bigger than we are used to. The iPhone 8 should be Apple’s premium device and consumers are increasingly choosing larger smartphones, so a 6.5-inch screen seems to be a logical choice.

With this screen size, the iPhone 8 would have a pixel density of 412 ppi. That’s just slightly higher than the 401 ppi iPhone 7 Plus. It stays here to get a leaked piece of code, so keep taking this kind of news with a big grain of salt. Still, it is clear that Apple might surprise us.

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