This iPhone 8 concept combines all recent rumors

As such, we get an ever better view of the iPhone 8: glass housing, metal edge, an OLED display and wireless charging. But what does this look like when you combine it into one device? In a new concept of the iPhone 8, all of these elements together with the result of a shiny iPhone, with the front almost completely out of a screen.

IPhone 8 concept with OLED, glass housing and more

Although there is only one OLED model of the iPhone 8 appearing, this concept is based on three models: the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone 8 Pro. For all three models it is a glass housing with a metal rim. This border comes in different colors, namely the new Het White, space black as with the Apple Watch, a shiny gold variant and the standard colors of silver, sparkle and rose gold. In this concept, each model next to the Touch ID button has got an iris scanner to protect the iPhone even better. It has been a while since it talked about a possible iris scanner, so it’s not too sure that this really comes true.

In addition, each iPhone 8 is equipped with USB-C in this concept. Although USB-C in the iPhone is unnecessary, the creator of this concept has chosen this for faster data transfer and faster charging. And talked about charging: The concept also included a wireless charger that charges the iPhone 8 to a distance of three meters. The creator even paid a price: $ 169.99 for a loose wireless charger.

The iPhone 8 Pro is finally distinguished with support for the Apple Pencil, similar to the iPad Pro. This allows you to edit photos from your iPhone with the print sensitivity of the Apple Pencil point. It’s only the question whether the Apple Pencil will ever work on the iPhone. There have been no concrete indications that Apple has real plans here.

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