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The iPhone 8 is a future Apple device, expected in 2017. In this file you will read all about the iPhone 8, the expected new features and news that are already circulating on this iPhone. The rumor flow around the iPhone 8 was already noticeably early: in 2014 we already wrote about an iPhone 8 concept, with a glass case. After that, many other clues followed, which we put in this file in a straightforward manner.

IPhone 8 in 2017

If we look at Apple’s fixed cycle, then the iPhone 7s will appear in 2017 and in 2018 the iPhone 8. But it seems that Apple will come across multiple devices in 2017: an iPhone 7s and an iPhone 8, as a major successor to The iPhone 7.

There are several reasons for this. Apple wants to make extra impressions in 2017, as it’s a jubilee for the iPhone. The iPhone lasts 10 years and many media will look back. With an S-model, Apple will soon be critical of being no longer innovative. An analyst previously predicted that Apple will skip the S Series. Another reason is that the iPhone 7 was already criticized by many people for the iPhone 6 series to be too much. A new iPhone 7s with again the same design could drive many people into the wrong throat hole. The completely new iPhone 8, possibly next to the iPhone 7s, would solve these criticisms.

These are our iPhone 8 expectations

Apple seems to have planned major changes in 2017. They consider a completely new housing made of glass. Also, Apple would like to provide the iPhone with an OLED screen for the first time. Other rumors are about the disappearance of the home button and wireless charging.
Below we have further developed these expectations.

IPhone 8 of glass

Apple would have plans to get rid of the iPhone 8 to make a freaking out of technology. According to the renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple replaces the aluminum housing of the iPhone with glass. With the iPhone 4 series, the front and back were also made of glass, which often led to fracture damage. This time, however, Apple would like to use a much stronger glass type. The screen becomes edge-to-edge and thus runs to the edge. The iPhone 8 would get a glass case, combined with a stainless steel edge.

IPhone 8 with 5.8-inch screen

The iPhone 8 comes in rumors in one format, namely with a 5.8-inch screen. First, it was rumored that the iPhone 8 would come in three sizes, but in the two older 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch formats it’s about the improved iPhone 7s. The iPhone 8 with an active screen area of ​​approximately 5.2 inches is the whole new model, including a new design and new parts. The other two models become more a sequel to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the usual formats. The design would therefore resemble the current iPhone models and would be cheaper than the brand new iPhone 8.

Like the iPhone 8, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus would have a glass case, but with an aluminum frame. This allows wireless charging for this model. More about the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus you can read in our separate file about the iPhone 7s.

IPhone 8 with wireless charging

It is likely that the iPhone 8 will be able to charge wirelessly. The glass housing would play an active role in adding wireless charging. Because the housing is made of glass, it can be charged fairly quickly. Foxconn would work on a wireless charger, but Pegatron would ultimately be the only supplier of this wireless charger. Because you can charge the new iPhone wirelessly, it’s not necessary to insert a cable into the iPhone’s opening. However, there is no concrete information yet, how wireless charging in the new iPhone will work exactly.

Other sources reported that all new iPhones from 2017 support wireless charging. Although both models have a glass case, the iPhone 8 is the only one with a stainless steel edge. Because the appearance of the iPhone 8 due to the metal edge is something different, there is a clear distinction between the models in this way. However, wireless charging would be available on all devices.

IPhone 8 without home button

There have been rumors for a long time that the home button will disappear. Instead, Apple would like to handle the home button and Touch ID sensor behind the screen. This is technically feasible, even though the results of operation are not enough yet. Among other things, LG already has a solution to process the sensor behind the screen so that the fingerprint scanner becomes invisible. However, Apple would face a lot of challenges to process the fingerprint scanner on the screen. There were rumors that Apple would handle the Touch ID sensor in the back as a possible solution. In the meantime, rumors indicate that the Touch ID sensor does not appear on the screen, and Apple completely decides to remove the fingerprint scanner.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple uses a flexible OLED screen that covers the whole front. So Apple would choose a virtual home button at the bottom of the screen as a kind of function panel. Thus, it seems strongly that Apple will completely remove the home button as it was processed in the iPhone 7.

IPhone 8 with 3D camera

The iPhone 8 would be the first iPhone with a 3D front camera. This new front camera could detect 3D images, allowing face recognition. Because the iPhone 8 will get face recognition, you can safely unlock your device. There is also talk of a built-in iris scanner thanks to this new front camera. In addition, the front camera can also be used for all kinds of other applications, such as in games. By capturing 3D images, you can, for example, process your own head in a game.

The 3D front camera could also be used for augmented reality. Apple announced, along with iOS 11 ARKit, a developer tool that allows them to easily develop AR applications. More about the operation of ARKit and some examples can be found in our separate guide on ARKit.

IPhone 8 with OLED screen

Other manufacturers have already made the switch to OLED screens, which have a number of advantages: being more energy efficient and showing colors better. In particular, the color black is better painted on an OLED screen. Apple has signed contracts with Samsung to deliver part of the OLED screens. Samsung also makes OLED smartphone smartphones. Samsung is also in the boot blocks to create the NAND flash memory. However, the A11 processor is made by TSMC, as is said in the rumor circuit.

However, it seems that Apple is not yet making the full move to OLED. Only the full new iPhone 8 with 5.2 inch screen size would get OLED, while the other models should do it with LCD. This new model therefore seems to be the most comprehensive and innovative device of the three.

IPhone 8 rumors collected

In a separate article we assembled all kinds of iPhone 8 rumors. Here you will find new dummy models, possible cases and new rumor-based concepts. We update this summary of iPhone 8 rumors regularly with the most recent posts.

IPhone 8 concepts in a row

All kinds of rumors and speculations have already overlooked all kinds of iPhone 8 concepts. The one combines an OLED screen with all kinds of sensors and wireless charging, while the other concept reinstates a Touch Bar-like feature in the iPhone 8. Also, iPhone 8 concepts where the device consists of only one screen have already passed the revue. We’ve written a lot about all kinds of new concepts, which you can find below.

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